Here at MathCats, we aim to learn more about mathematics, help others, and have fun! We’re welcoming to all majors and skill levels, as long as you’re interested in the wonderful world of math!
  • Hear professors speak about their research in both applied and theoretical mathematics
  • Learn about recent, impactful mathematical results
  • Tutor young refugee students in subjects from algebra to geometry
  • Tailor our resumes to better fit our mathematics background
  • Build a pair of parabolic reflectors and install them on campus
  • Practice public speaking through short (voluntary) talks in front of the club
  • Investigate summer research and internship opportunities
  • Solve challenge problems every month to win a prize
  • Fundraise so we can provide snacks, transportation, and resources for the club
  • Acquire learning skills that can improve your GPA
  • Network with professors, professionals, community leaders, and students
  • Create study guides to help struggling classmates (and potentially make money)

Activities, attendance, talks, problem solving, tutoring, and volunteering all earn you points as you progress through the year. Earn enough points and you’ll be rewarded with a pin to put on your graduation cap or gown!

Our Spring Meetings:

  • Tuesday, January 24th
  • Tuesday, January 31st
  • Tuesday, February 7th
  • Tuesday, February 21st
  • Tuesday, March 7th
  • Tuesday, March 21st
  • Tuesday, April 4th
  • Tuesday, April 18th
  • Tuesday, May 2nd
Meetings are held in the Environment and Natural Resources Building (ENR2), room S120A, at 5pm on the above dates. The newest (and coolest) building on campus, ENR2 is located at the south edge of campus on 6th street. Simply enter the building on the first floor, enter the cafe, and look to your right. We’ll be in the small conference room accessible through the cafe area!


Membership dues are $10 for the entire year, which pays for your T-shirt and most club-related activities!

Our Officers:

  • President: Alyssa Fortier
    • Email: alyssalynfortier@email.arizona.edu
  • Vice President: Paul Jones
    • Email: pjones2@email.arizona.edu
  • Treasurer: Sam Tamer
    • Email: issamtamer@email.arizona.edu
  • Secretary: Stephanie Mou
    • Email: symou97@email.arizona.edu
  • Tutoring Coordinator: Sarah Scroggins
    • Email: sscroggins@email.arizona.edu
  • Social Media/ Marketing: Sarah Sylvester
    • Email: sarahsylvester@email.arizona.edu